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quando la speranza danza / when hope dances

The work of Casanova Soralla is a manifestation that interacts between performance, painting, photography, and sound sculpture. His latest pieces stem from collaboration with the ballet of the Vienna Opera; his works are paintings or pictorial records where the dancers, through their steps, leave a map of multiple layers that allow us to delve beyond personal history or collective life. Music becomes a catalyst where legs are brushes, where movements for some moments are sculptures that through sound manifest to us the infinity of possibilities that life or death holds.

Casanova Soralla presents his latest piece, which stems from an autobiographical reflection on his history as a migrant in a center for migrant teenagers from different parts of the world, where the artist integrates into the dynamics of these young people to create together three performances always through dance, this time accompanied by traditional music from the countries of origin of these teenagers. The result is three works of art that break with the dynamics of Casanova's previous works, both for the improvisation in which they were carried out and for the results where all the teenagers gave life to a piece in which they leave on this canvas through their dance movements, some through their leaps, and some with what seems to be a simple walk that shows the fatigue, the history of the long journey these teenagers had to reach Europe.

Between the artist and the young people of the center, they manage to let us see the hidden voices, what is deeper than hell, through the dances of the young people we learn that there is another migration that we do not know, other realities, and other dreams.

The subtlety with which the artist works in collaboration with the young people of the center was always improvised and in the natural environment where they spend their daily lives, with improvisation being the main source of these new works that lead us to understand that as long as hope does not die, we exist.

by Oscarito Sanchez

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