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300 x 320 cm Watercolor Paper and Gouache with Natural Pigment Vienna 2014

Choreography: Andrey Kaydanovskiy


The diagram faults the traces of a danced love song. Love Song is a choreography by

the sought-after neoclassical ballet dancer and choreographer of the Vienna State Opera

Andrey Kaydanovskiy, which he presented at Junge Choreografen 2014 by the Ballet Club

of the Vienna State Opera and Volksoper taking place at Odeon Theater in Vienna. The depicted

work shows a detained fragment of the choreography, in which Kaydanovskiy dances a

one-minute excerpt from Love Song in the then artistʼs studio of Casanova Sorolla at the Viennese Kohlmarkt as a solo performance. One minute danced on the edge of tilt, a falling into

the picture and a stretching of its frame, all in a voluntary night shift. To participate in competitions

and to develop own choreographic work requires high ambition and initially unpaid

work by the dancers and choreographers. A reality of which the barren set in the nocturnal

artistʼs studio can speak, just as the occasional expressiveness, a gesture of urgency, writes itself

under the paper skin.




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