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MAC Museo Arte Contemporáneo

3 x 5 m Paper Installation with Natural Pigment Lima, Peru 2018


Dancers Marinera: Evelyn Bellindo, Renato Benavides Zapateo: Antonio Vilchez, Arturo Miranda (Cajón) Hip-Hop: Harold Echevarría Children: Adriano Tafur Silva, Estrella García Quispe, Arsen Szabo, Leonardo Quiñones


Special thanks to MAC Lima, productora Saturno, Agencia Amsterdam, Rental Atómika, Teleton Peru


In this work, Peruvian Marinera, Zapateo and urban Hip-Hop mingle and intersect. Different

times are condensing and overlaying, and with it the singular stories of their narrators writing

their different movements onto the paper. At one point in time, these come to form the

ground for a group of children whose bodies, affected by permanent and temporary

disabilities, cross the work. In doing so, they interact with it and let the forms that shape

this period of their life manifest on paper; or is it rather the contingency of a moment, the

immanence of a presence, a dissolution in the moment of being, just as their traces are recorded

together with the multiplicity of others, losing themselves in a sea of singularities of

all subject beings?


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