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Collaboration with Vienna State Ballet 700 x 700 cm Paper Installation with Natural Pigment

Istanbul 2014 Choreography: Alexis Forabosco and Casanova Sorolla

Music: Wien mal Blut, Carlos Pino

Dancers: Maria Yakovleva, Richard Szabo, Reina Sawai, Greig Matthews, Gala Javanović, Alexis Forabosco


The dancer Alexis Forabosco already tested the very first steps in the Signapura series with

Casanova Sorolla. In Simasimetric, for the first time, the artist was conceptually involved in the

development of Foraboscoʼs choreography. The work, which was publicly performed on

behalf of Wien Tourismus in Istanbul and subsequently accessible as an installation, was

created in collaboration with the Vienna State Ballet and was performed in Bebek Park. The

diagram shows the sequence of steps and traces of a choreography that was realized with

the help of a ballet bar, which was carried and moved by the dancers in a clockwise direction,

trying to create exact symmetries—an impossible task. To the specially composed music

by Carlos Pino Wien mal Blut—referencing Wiener Blut—are recurring rotating forms in

white write themselves on the black coal pigment of the 60 m. large paper carrier, like a

gyroscope of time, which sets again and again.

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