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Wienner Walzer

600 x 500 cm Papier Installation with Natural Pigment Vienna 2014

Dancers: Olga Esina and Kirill Kourlaev


The artist asked Olga Esina and Kirill Kourlaev, both soloists of the Vienna State Ballet, who

have been leading the annual New Yearʼs Concert for many years, to dance a Viennese

waltz on a paper prepared with red pigment in front of an audience. Moreover, the score and

the request to the dancers was to enjoy a moment of the waltz as if the dance couple—also

in real life a couple with a daughter—would dance it for themselves. Delicately abstract like

a flower print and firm and determined like a confession of love at the same time, the redand-

white ballet shoe tips on the paper show themselves circularly in the elegant, sliding

movements of a valse ballet.

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