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Collaboration with Ziya Azazi

400 x 500 cm Paper Installation with Natural Coal Pigment

Artist-in-Residence, Albrechtsfeld, Burgenland 2014


On May 13, 2014 the worst mine disaster took place in Turkeyʼs history. Memory to SOMA is a

remembrance of the infinite pain the catastrophecaused, independent of the consequences

of political negligence.  The contemporary Turkish dancer Ziya Azazi

and Casanova Sorolla met at a film and dance festival in Ankara in the aftermath of SOMA. Immediately,

they knew that they needed to work together. Azazi—known for his interpretations

of the Sema dance, a Sufi tradition of a spinning dance, in which transcendence is acquired

in the earthly realm—performed for this work, with his body whitewashed while dancing on

a paper prepared with charcoal pigment. According to Rumiʼs words “With one foot in this

world, with the other in the other world,” the work should build a bridge for the sufferers of

misfortune to free themselves in another life; born again, arriving on the other side, during

the constant and incessant turning movements of Azazi, whose body gradually turns black,

right under the skin.

In memory to SOMA

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